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Seminole Swamp Seasoning - A Legend Begins

Deep in the Everglades of Florida on the Seminole Indian Reservation, two Indians - Chief Jim Billie and Jimmie McDaniel, a Creek Indian, were sitting beside a camp fire boasting how they could eat anything that crawls, walks, swims, flies or even grows in the ground.  However, they both agreed they needed to add something to make the food taste a little better. Maybe some herbs, salt, pepper or some ol' Indian recipe. So the two Indians called upon the tribe medicine man for something to make food taste good. After several days of eating all kinds of critters, frogs, gators, armadillos, snakes and garfish, sprinkled with this medicine man's concoction, Chief Billie asked Jimmie what did it taste like.  The Creek Indian replied with a great big smile, "Chicken" and that is how the legend goes, and that ain't no lie.

We are a family owned and operated business located in Quincy, Florida.